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Frustration! (And, um, hi)

Yes, its been a while. Like a year or something. But this needs to be gotten out because its driving me mad and this is as good a forum as I will get.


Ahem. Any way. I'm going to fade back into internet obscurity now.
(I mean good God, what man doesn't want sex on his birthday? RAGE)

Shes Back!

I'm Back!!

Finally back from my sojourn in Perth. And what a time I had there...

1. Went to WaiCon, my very first Anime and Manga convention. Had an absolute BLAST, soent more money than I should have, and have decided I will cosplay next year even if that does secure my spot in the geek hall of fame.

2. Got my school results. Cried. Cried again. Manged to laugh. Decided it wasn't the end of the world and am now more determined to get into law.

3. Did a lot of shopping. Now have no more room on my bookshelf. Need to invest in a new one soon, or old one will explode.

4. And worked in a jewelery store. Am now mens worst fear as I will know the price of every piece of jewelry they give me. Should be fun.

I will elaborate more later, but jet lag is forcing me to retire.

Question: How have you been?

It's My Party

I've GRADUATED!!! So very happy right now.

And its my BIRTHDAY!!

And I'm a little hung over.

But apart from that, LIFE IS GOOD!!!

Stuff is Happening. It scares me.


OhmygodIonlyhave5daysleftofhighschoolFOREVER. So scared. But so excited.

Because after school finishes, two things will happen:

1. Birthday!
2. Perth!

Two good things. Two fun things. And then next year I have to go on with the drudgery of working. But then, University! That should be good.

If I can ever figure out what I'm going to do there....


So yes, as well as all the work I have, I am attempted to do NaNoWriMo, and finish it. I always said to myself that I would write something, and this month I'm going to do my very darnedest to do so. Wish me luck!

Official NaNoWriMo 2007 Participant



I just read the beautiful, beautiful, new X-Men that the wonderful, wonderful kirabutler posted. Romy is officially the best couple ever. And theres this one spread.....

It is now my wallpaper. Don't look if you don't want the new chapters spoiled for you.

View ItCollapse )

Then go and read this It is scans from it. I love it already.

Then go buy the comic, those that do not live in a backwards country that won't get it for another 2 MONTHS!!!

I want it so bad.



I've heard about this story around HP fandom, but never read it.

I just did.



It is.....It is......I can't think of a word bad enough to describe this. I JUST CANNOT.

*whimpers* I fear for humanity.

Dark Knight

This is for Batman fans.


Press ctrl a when you get onto the site. Its very cool.

This, my friends, is trippy. Everyone know who Harvey Dent is?  Now who laughs like a lunatic? Connect the dots, people. The new Bat film is going to be so awsome.

Witch's, Judges and PM's

I just finished a play. One that every person in the world should read. The CrucibleCollapse )
George Bush and John Howard? Read The Crucible. NOW.

Question: Are you sided, or do you walk the road between?

Adoptive Mummy

Ok, so its official. I'm a Death Note fangirl. Its just so good! All evil and twisted, a real psychological drama. Hang on..... Seriously, whats this saying about my character? Ah well, everyone knows I'm Slytherin at the core. Anyway, Death Note. I must say that I really want to marry L (No spoilers here ;) )
Seriously, I want to have his babies. But unfortunately my friend Germany shot gunned him. Bitcha. I hate it when that happens.
So I'm the adoptive parent of Near and Mello. And Matt too, cause I didn't want to leave him out. I'm such a softy. Can't you just imagine showing them with love? Their so huggable!!

Apart from Death Note consuming my soul, school is about the only other thing happening. This last year is one of the hardest things I've ever done. But I will rant on this later.

Question: If you had a Death Note, what would you do?